istoria mas “Apolytrosis” is an Orthodox Christian brotherhood in Thessaloniki, at 7 Pelopos street, since 1928. Two great personalities: Bishop Augustinos N. Kantiotes (1907-2010) and University Professor Stergios N. Sakkos (1930-2012) taught, inspired and guided for decades the members of “Apolytrosis” who following their visions, worked mainly in two fields:
   A. To spread God’s Word
♦ by sermons and lectures to people of all ages.
♦ by publishing religious books and a monthly magazine with thousands of subscribers throughout the world. There is a bookshop, under the same name: “Apolytrosis” in the city centre of Thessaloniki.
♦ by plays and choirs for national and religious celebrations.
♦ by hosting hundreds of children and teenagers in a summer camp in the area of Kastanousa, Serres.
  B. To help poor people and visit those in need in hospitals and prisons.